About us

The Money Free Party is a growing, global political party representing a shift in global values, away from a society based on increasing consumerism, infinite economic growth and aggressive global competition, towards a society based on sustainability, equity and global cooperation.
The world has a proven abundance of resources and more than enough to feed and give us all more than we need to thrive.
Yet because of the monetary system imposed upon us, these resources are severely restricted, keeping half the world’s population in poverty and an estimated 6 million people starving to death every year.
Poverty is one of the major factors in high birth rates. A reduction in poverty and a materially secure society creates a sustainable birth rate.
The technical advancement over the last 50 years has been incredible, and logically should be helping us to lead less stressful lives and lessen global inequality. Ironically, the opposite has happened and global inequality continues to rise more and more people are suffering from stress. When technical advancement is applied to the work place, the worker is made unemployed, economically and socially punished through a severe drop of income.
When the monetary economy takes a down turn, our corporate media blames the world’s woes on the least powerful of society, the unemployed, refugees and economic migrants, all of which are victims of our monetary economy and not controllers of it. Pollution which now kills another 6 million people on the planet every year [and the numbers are rising] is also a problem, yet any attempts to reduce emissions are bad for business [the monetary economy] and so are not implemented.
We don’t wish to bore you with more reasons to evolve from the monetary economy, and we do realise that for many of you the idea of a non-monetary economy is difficult to comprehend.
What we do wish is for all of you to realise is how easily a non-monetary world can be achieved, once we have the political will to achieve it.
We also want you to be aware how empowering, creative and socially cohesive a money free world would be.
So let’s forget all about our socially conditioned, pre-conceived ideas, and put our feet up and watch some movies.
We are at the beginning of a new form of politics.
Politics made with a single purpose.
To facilitate a transition to a global, resource based economy

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