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July 16, 2017, 03:46:14 AM
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Cathy Heyworth Harris

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I would personally like to welcome two new members: Jaswinder Singh Chaggar and Stephen Wardle.  I know I haven't done this for other newly joined Forum members out there, my apologies. The Pub's liquor license hadn't come through yet, the Treasurer screwed the paperwork up, then the check bounced, so a late welcome to all the other recently joined new members.

I am cranky for the first time in my life.  Going through opioid withdrawal, and am really just drawing lines in my sandbox.  Really just plain fed up with my imaginary playmates in my sandbox.  Does this mean I am ready to start First Grade finally?  Or my diapers just need changing?

This is a deep question for a 4 a.m. discussion after a long night in a pub, right?  Any input would be appreciated. 



Sorry, please, I usually don't make noises like this is public places. 

I need to go to the loo. 
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