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Money Free Party UK Constitution
March 18, 2017  

1.   NAME:

1.1    The official name of the Party shall be the Money Free Party, legally known as the Money Free Party, herein after referred to as ‘The Party’.

2.   AIMS:

2.1   To end the debt/credit management system, based on trade and monetary ownership, and herald in a scientifically managed and equitable society, based on the respect of resources, environment and equality, where people can live in a clean environment without fear of violence or poverty. Protecting the planet, and its inhabitants be they, animal, plant or human.

The above aim 2.1 is a system generally referred to as a:

Resource Based Economy (RBE) or Open Access Society

2.2    In conjunction with 2.1, The Party is committed to freedom and equality for every human citizen. The Party will recognize, defend, and protect the sovereign rights of every human being to be free from oppression, persecution and exploitation in all its forms, as well as respecting dignity, via open access to the resources of the planet, which ensures the highest possible quality of life to all its citizens.

2.3    While respecting human diversity with regards to cultural developments, ultimately The Party’s vision is of a humane community based on shared values of health and wellbeing for all humankind.

2.4   The Party supports an evidence-based competent democracy, free from monetary coercion.

2.5   The Party supports and practices a non-violent society based on trust and human kinship.


3.1    Fielding candidates in elections to inform the public of the true nature of the monetary system and the reasons why The Party promotes a Resource Based Economy.

3.2    Promoting groups, non-political organizations and individuals committed through their actions    and/or educational awareness programs to spread understanding for the need of a transition to an equitable and sustainable society (RBE).

3.3    To promote and encourage growth in local, self-sustainability initiatives (RBE).

3.4    To help facilitate global support for a money free open access society (RBE).


4.1    The Party does not work on the conventional political hierarchy principle. For legal purposes, The Party’s spokesperson will take up the role of party leader. 

4.2    The Party will use an Executive Committee to promote discussion and produce decisions.

4.3   The Party’s spokesperson will have an equal say as any other member of the party and should be seen as a spokesperson for the general membership, not as a traditional leader.

4.4    The Party’s spokesperson will be rotated on a regular basis.  Any member may put themselves forward for the spokesperson candidacy. A suitable method of application for rotation of spokesperson will be selected by the Executive Committee, and the Executive Committee will decide a date to change the leader/spokesperson.

4.5   In the case of multiple members applying for the spokesperson’s role, the Executive Committee will determine the spokesperson. An internal party vote may be used to decide The Party’s spokesperson with the permission of the Executive Committee.   


5.1   The Executive Committee has the responsibility to ensure the overall direction of The Party is towards achieving a Resource Based Economy.

5.2   All members have access to the Executive Committees meetings. Meetings will be held over free online applications such as Google Hangouts. Annual meetings are to be held depending on the Executive Committee's activity levels. 

5.3   All members may join the Executive Committee by becoming regular participants within The Party. The Executive Committee is open for all members. If participation levels become detrimental to the Executive Committee's ability to work, the Executive Committee has the power to change its meeting setup.   

5.4   In the case of large membership levels, all committees shall nominate a spokesperson to the Executive Committee.

5.5   All meetings will be documented and main points made available for general membership.

5.6   During periods of low party membership, the Executive Committee should be used to fill the committee roles in which the general membership does not fill.

5.7   Members should be assigned to different committees via the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will offer help and advice to members on suitable roles. A member’s capability and experience will be taken into account regarding assignment to committees.

5.8   The Executive Committee reserves the right to remove any member from any committee after discussion and vote.


6.1    Individual committees will be created as the Executive Committee deems fit.

6.2    These committee's will cover areas such as:

•   Election Support Committee (local and national)
•   RBE Transition Committee
•   Party Publicity
•   Any additional committees as deemed necessary

6.3   Any committee created may be disbanded at any time by The Party, if no longer necessary.

6.4    Any expenditures within these committees must be signed off by The Party’s Treasurer and Executive Committee.


7.1   The Party is bound by its ethical principles and values that articulate the aims and aspirations of The Party as outlined above.

7.2   The Party believes in non-violence. Any member promoting violence in any form will immediately be removed from The Party. 

The above includes the sending of any social media posts that incite hatred, violence or offence to human groupings. Failure to do so may lead to a misconduct charge and pending democratic agreement, the disassociation of the individual from The Party.

7.3   The Party is open to anyone. However, any member representing The Party in any capacity must, as well as supporting its aims and activities, read, comprehend and abide by The Party’s ethical values and principles and non-violent stance.

7.4   Any citizen, over the age of 15+, of the United Kingdom, European Union, and Citizen of any of the Commonwealth Countries, that has a right to reside legally in United Kingdom, may become a member of The Party free of charge, at no monetary cost. Any member may donate to The Party.

7.5   The Party resides via the Money Free Party UK website:

7.6   The Party is run and maintained by volunteers. No wage is taken by its members.

7.7    All members have an equal vote and equal opportunity for input and vote to The Party’s direction.

7.8   In the case of high levels of membership, the general membership may elect a spokesperson to the   Executive Committee to represent them. The spokesperson will be a point of contact for any general member.


8.1   All donations will go through The Party’s PayPal account. All donations will be reviewed by the Treasurer. The Treasurer is charged with accepting or returning any donation.

8.2   Any UK-based expenditure will be signed off by the Executive Committee and the Party Treasurer.

8.3    The Treasurer will be responsible for all monetary requirements from the UK Electoral Commission. 

8.4   The Party’s Treasurer will be rotated. The term length will be selected by the Executive Committee. The method of Treasurer selection and rotation will be chosen by the Executive Committee.


9.1   All Candidates must provide a written application to state their intention to run as a Candidate under the Money Free Party. This application must state any information that could be deemed contradictory to The Party's principles as stated above. Upon acceptance of a Candidate, The Party’s member will then be placed onto the list of approved Candidates.

9.2   All Candidates must sign an agreement with The Party to follow the legal responsibilities and party
guidelines. This agreement must be co-signed by the Party Treasurer, Party Spokesperson nd Nominating Officer.  In the case of using an election agent, they must also sign the agreement.

9.3   The Party's Nominating Officer, with agreement of the Executive Committee, may remove from candidacy any Candidate or officer who does not follow The Party’s guidelines as outlined above. This includes any officer or Candidate that is damaging The Party’s interests.  Either party removal or suspension may also be used if deemed necessary.


10.1    The Executive Committee will elect a Nominating Officer who will take responsibility over The Party’s descriptions and emblems.

10.2   The Party reserves the right to create or delete any additional officers as deemed necessary, 


11.1   This Constitution can be changed at any time by a majority vote of the general membership.

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looks good