Author Topic: Proposal to resolve homelessness issue in USA  (Read 1451 times)

December 21, 2015, 09:00:12 PM
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Jennifer Huse

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Here are some answers from our previous correspondence
1. What does permanent housing entail?
1, A- usually existing apartment housing

2. How much interaction with social worker and what type of help is offered.
Ex rehab, job training, job placement, education( GED on), mental health services. Health care Ect.
2,A- they said the social worker will have regular interaction depending on the needs of the individual person
assist with setting up the apartment
making sure person is knows how to get the food they need
show them how to organize their lives and how to get to appointments
Help them to fill out paper paperwork needed
Help them find out what healthcare and job services that they qualify for.
If the person wants to take the GED the social worker would help them get the information they needed to find the class and take the test
They try to help facilitate whatever the needs of the individual person are.

3 what expenses are included and not included ie(electric, water, hear, food, phone) what state paid and charity donated.

3, A- As I recall, in the Florida study it would be state paid. And all the basics,rent, food, water electric, phone (not sure about cable) would be provided.
I also talked to a charitable the Housing facility that had state funding but also had public donations that seemed to carry a lot of the load.
I hope that helps.
Liza Roocroft

From what I can gather, the Aprx. $10,000 annual cost of housing homeless in Central Florida entails; A one bedroom which can cost approximately $600-$800 per month. They would be assigned a care manager who's cost is included in that study's $10,051. Number. The caseworker at an annual salary of approximately $30,000 would have about 20 cases that they would oversee. Broken down monthly I am getting a cost of $125.per case. Each case would be different as each person would have different needs and except different levels of help, but that is a general average.
So with a rent of the high estimate of $800 a month =$9600. Annually, Plus approximately $1,500. Annual cost for caseworker. =$11,100.
And estimate on the low cost of $600 a month for rent = $7200. + $1500 for case worker = $8700.
So they must have taken a medium average to get that number of $10,051 per person for permanent housing.
Robyn Andrews from Florida supplemental housing says utilities are also included. The services that the caseworkers would provide is general support, help in getting furniture, getting settled, help in getting signed up for SSI and Medicaid, food stamps, their mental health care, medical health care, job-training if they choose. Everything is voluntary. If they do have a job HUD requires that 30% of their income is given for rent. If they have no job of course they're not expected to pay anything.
These numbers apply to the housing first program for permanent housing of the chronically homeless. To be eligible for that status you must have a documented disability either mental or physical and have been homeless for a year or four times within three years.
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