Author Topic: Suggestions to Learn about RBE  (Read 1095 times)

July 25, 2017, 01:11:27 AM
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Cathy Heyworth Harris

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From World Summit by Stephen Wardle, with permission (thank you!)

I would like to share a selection of resources it seems are important to understanding RBE
Understand science at a basic level.(Richard Feynman lectures are fun + those on the scientific method)
1. The Tyranny of words- Stuart chase
2. Language in action - SI, Hayakawa
3. A Grammar of Motives -Kenneth Burke
4. Science and Sanity - Alfred Korzybski
Philosophy of stoicism
TROM the reality of me (it's a web site) there is a documentary, its long, so maybe watch in parts.
The last two TZM films.
All TVP material (this is the source)
Understand what open mindedness actual is + critical thinking. Also logic and reasoning.
Cybernetics, human evolutionary biology.
You can advocate for RBE without all of this (there is way more) but please please exercise extreme caution if you attempt to steer RBE on a global level / lecture / teach others in hangouts etc. I'm almost 99.8 % sure intentions are what you may call good, but that does not replace competence.
It's possible to become competent but it is a lot of work.

July 29, 2017, 05:16:48 PM
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Fiona Kirkwood

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As you have suggested Stoicism I would like to also suggest that people look up the basic ideas of Existentialism.

Plus the additional books of:
TZM Defined
The New Human Rights Movement - Peter Joseph
The Best that Money Can't Buy - Jacques Fresco

I think it is important to note that it is absolutely impossible for us all to study all this material even when we have been.  We cannot all reach the level of competency that is required in sufficient time.  We can however remain aware of where we lack knowledge and make sure that before we share work in the public realm that is for the purposes of 'official' education, i.e. used in a way where we cannot afford to make mistakes, we check with others that we have done the best we can.  There will always be people who can fill in our gaps.

Plus there are all kinds of angles to talk about the bottom line.  Start simply with highlighting the idiocies of the current system; show how we can become more sustainable even in this system.  The level of education and competency needed for this need not be as high and demanding.