July 26, 2017, 04:31:00 PM
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Fiona Kirkwood

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This is where you can reply with your ideas for an act for civil disobedience in a more discreet manner than Facebook.


Now that I have had time to calm down and retrieve my rationality I am finally open to Nick Tapping's idea that we should not be wasting time in the movement but instead plan one large, intelligent act of civil disobedience to bring attention to an RBE in a way that will spark a national debate in the mainstream media.

There has already been a post that originates on the Money Free Party page asking for suggestions about what kind of spectacle we could create so I am merely expanding on this myself to call out for ideas so we can whittle them down to the most plausible and put them to a poll so we can come up with what we will definitely make happen. I am also with Nick when it comes to no longer wasting time. Therefore I suggest that ideas are proposed within a month from today. it has been pointed out that it is quite tentative to discuss these things on social media openly so I am happy for people to email me at by Sunday 27th August. Or tell Nick and I can communicate with him about it.

I have made a note of the first suggestion from David Storer which I won't repeat for the reason cited above. I have a couple of ideas. I will find out whether these can be written on the Money Free World forums in a place open to non-registered members and share a link later.

Let's have some strong and sensible ideas, the more creative the better. Nick's point is that once this is done we will get national coverage and get the debate started properly. I propose that we put this to the test so we can start moving forward properly.

So again I am calling out for ideas for an INTELLIGENT act of civil disobedience that will help us to spark a national or even international debate to get an RBE talked about in mainstream media. Email me at or contact Nick unless you think your idea is sensible enough to write as a comment. Deadline for suggestions Sunday 27th August. THANKS.

N.B. Please remember that the Money Free Party is a non-violent entity so any suggestions that promote violence will be immediately flagged and dismissed.
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